Intuitive and clear User Interface

Fullscreen Moving Map

You'll see the only thing you need on the road - a map, your position, your way. There is no unusable things in Wanderer.

WorldWide geonames database with instant search

"Seamless Map" Technology

For the following set of topographic maps that covers a certain geographics region:

most of navigation applications will display the only map, say:

You see only the "current" map and you have no way to look ahead till you get closer to the "border" line enough to allow appliction to switch the "current" one". This is definitely inconvenient to use, especially when you are travelling alone and find yourself near the border of the map.

Some applications give you ability to merge maps by hands, but this process is very unclear, slow and laborious.

Wanderer prevents "blind kitten" situation, merges nearest maps "on the fly" and show you the real picture depends on selected scale and you position like this:

Compact map image data size

Download POI (points of interest) from Google Earth

With photos, description and coordinates!

GPS Hardware AutoDetection

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